Cookbook Overview

RAILGUN Cookbook: Convert your dApp into a zkApp

The RAILGUN Cookbook is an open-source project developed by RAILGUN contributors.

RAILGUN Cookbook enables web3 developers to build simple zkApps that are compatible with RAILGUN private balances on Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon and more.

With Cookbook, users can activate your smart contract privately and anonymously.

Use cases

RAILGUN Cookbook converts a series of smart contract calls into a "Recipe" that can have both ERC-20 and NFT inputs/outputs. There are a variety of use cases that are possible – all entirely private and anonymous through the RAILGUN Privacy System:

  • PRIVATE Vault Deposits

  • PRIVATE Stablecoin Minting

  • PRIVATE Liquidity Provisioning (LP)

  • PRIVATE Liquid Staking

  • PRIVATE Wrapping/Unwrapping tokens

  • + many more

Get the Recipe Builder

yarn add @railgun-community/cookbook@2.6.0

Git repo:

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