Integrating RAILGUN

RAILGUN’s largest advancement in privacy technology is the ability to interact with smart contracts native to chains where RAILGUN is deployed. Through ZK proofs and the cryptography described above and RAILGUN’s suite of adapters called Adapt Modules, privacy can be achieved on any dApp active on the chain. Adapt Modules are isolated in codebase from the main RAILGUN privacy system which has 2 key advantages:
  1. 1.
    Increased security and protection of privacy as the external integrations of RAILGUN cannot contaminate the main codebase
  2. 2.
    Ease of implementation with existing smart contracts and dApps due to less unnecessary bloat
Adapt Modules form the core of the RAILGUN SDK which is the flexible and powerful toolkit that allows developers to bring privacy to their applications. For developers, the fact that RAILGUN lives directly on-chain means that they do not have to refactor their existing code and deploy contracts on unproven networks with no liquidity. They can integrate RAILGUN with complete confidence that their dApps will be just as secure as before as the system is as secure as the main blockchain with no security tradeoffs.
Users do not have to wait for new dApps to be built or redeployed on an off-chain solution nor do they have to wait for liquidity to arrive as it already is present in the underlying dApp. For developers, the theoretical maximum user base for integrating the RAILGUN SDK is all of their existing users plus any additional privacy conscious users. RAILGUN and its SDK thus has the best product market fit out of any privacy solution.