RAIL Token Overview

RAIL is the governance token for RAILGUN. It is available on Ethereum. RAIL liquidity is on Sushiswap and Uniswap, with the best routing available through Matcha.

Stake RAIL to vote on governance proposals such as protocol upgrades and shielding/unshielding fees. Any wallet that stakes RAIL becomes a member of the RAILGUN DAO.

RAILGUN on Polygon and BSC have their own DAOs & tokens which are not the same as the DA or token on Ethereum. There is currently no liquidity for RAILPOLY or RAILBSC but tokens can be bought or sold OTC.

RAILGUN on Arbitrum (and future Ethereum Layer 2s) is governed by the DAO on Ethereum and thus L2 value and voting power accrues to the Ethereum RAIL token.

Contract Addresses

Ethereum - RAIL: 0xe76c6c83af64e4c60245d8c7de953df673a7a33d

BNB Smart Chain - RAILBSC: 0x3F847b01d4d498a293e3197B186356039eCd737F

Polygon - RAILPOLY: 0x92A9C92C215092720C731c96D4Ff508c831a714f

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