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What is RAILGUN?

RAILGUN is a privacy system built directly on-chain for Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, and Arbitrum. It leverages Zero-Knowledge (ZK) cryptography to enable arbitrary smart contract calls, all completely privately and without leaving the security of the user’s preferred chain. As RAILGUN is built on-chain, complete privacy is achieved without relying on a separate Layer-2 validator set or a custodial bridge. This is not only more secure in terms of protecting funds as with RAILGUN, they never leave their host chain, but is better at preventing information leakage or contamination and thus achieves airtight privacy.
Further, by enabling privacy directly on-chain, RAILGUN users can access all the liquidity and ecosystems already on the chain, creating a more natural DeFi experience, akin to what users are already familiar with on public blockchains. This prevents a situation of fractured liquidity where users of off-chain privacy solutions must wait until other DeFi users bridge across for an optimal experience. The user experience is functionally the same as using a public wallet in terms of liquidity and DeFi support, just with the added ability to transact privately.
Interact with RAILGUN using partner project Railway Wallet. A Railway Wallet how to guide is available here.
RAILGUN’s code is verified and publicly viewable, and its repository can be found here.

Benefits and use cases of RAILGUN

Through complex DeFi transactions, the effectiveness of privacy is amplified exponentially. All transferring, swapping, lending, borrowing, and interactions with dApps increases the variations of interactions in RAILGUN and decreases the chances that withdrawals can be linked to deposits.
Therefore, more robust privacy is achieved with RAILGUN with less liquidity and in a shorter timeframe than any other privacy system. Arbitrary dApp interactions within RAILGUN’s privacy system also incentivizes users to hold their assets for longer in RAILGUN as there is less reason to move funds out of RAILGUN. All things being equal, another privacy solution with the same amount of liquidity will be objectively less private than RAILGUN by orders of magnitude.
Thus, RAILGUN is aimed at professionals or individuals who want to trade, earn, and access DeFi privately.
Potential use cases:
  1. 1.
    Alpha Protection: Traders who want to keep their alpha secret can trade feely and maintain their hard-fought informational advantages
  2. 2.
    Private Payroll: Payroll services for companies that pay in cryptocurrency. Using public blockchains in their current state for payroll reveals each employee’s exact salary
  3. 3.
    MEV Advantage: Builders of MEV searchers who do not wish to reveal the details of arbitrage opportunities they find
  4. 4.
    Censorship Resistance: Censorship resistant donations to causes by citizens who live in countries with unfriendly or corrupt governments officials
  5. 5.
    Anonymized Analytics: Counteracts services like Nansen or Etherscan, where notable wallets are labelled or known, meaning that some large investors are personally identifiable
  6. 6.
    Compliance: Financial companies remaining compliant with data protection laws such as GDPR
For these reasons, RAILGUN is a revolutionary toolkit and is objectively the most uncompromising and complete privacy solution for DeFi. Private DeFi will enable new business possibilities for the cryptocurrency industry not possible on public blockchains. All other privacy solutions have some trade-offs, such as requiring users to trust custodial bridges or trade with fragmented/non-existent liquidity.

Developer Guide

If you're a developer looking for the SDK documentation. You can find it here.